Excellent visit. Dr. was thorough and very nice. We never met her before but we are very happy with her and will definitely be back. Of course I cannot say enough about Carla and her social skills. She makes your office so pleasant and inviting. She is a treasure of an employee. We love her.
Thank you for good service

Maryann and Armand Furia

Good afternoon Dr. Smirnova and Staff,
Thank you to all for providing such an excellent service. I do not enjoy going to the dentist, but every aspect of my appointment was the best experience I could have hoped for. It seemed more like visiting friends than coming in for an office visit. You are all wonderful. See you with a nice, clean smile. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Vincent Cesare

Dr. Smirnova is an excellent dentist, I have come across in these recent days. Being a foreign trained dentist and worked (few weeks) for Dr. Smirnova as an assistant, I admired her working style and concern towards patients. The time she spends with her patients explaining the procedure and performing it is appreciable. I learned invaluable technique while assisting her. She has inherited the art of dentistry especially in performing esthetic dentistry. She gives great importance to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in her office.


Dr. Smirnova is more than a dentist she performs work well beyond a normal dental practice, I have had two permanent bridges… I was told there was no way this could be done even she was skeptical but her work was perfection and I have a beautiful smile I can lead a normal life and eat like a normal person LOL… my periodontist was sooo impressed with her work she actually called her with praise… she can do so much more than your friendly family practitioner. I rarely give reviews on anything but if you have the teeth from hell as I do this woman can be your savior!Her staff is wonderful Carla will greet you with a smile and calm your nerves instantly…..see her you will not be sorry spoken from a true skeptic!

Barbara Muskauski

Dr. Smirnova helped me resolve an issue I was having with a numbing medication. I was finally able to have a painless, calm and successful visit with no adverse reactions. She and her staff were professional, patient and caring. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Smirnova.

Ashley Ott D.

My dear Doctor Smirnova,
I can’t thank you enough for your patience as well as all the time you took with me on Tuesday, November 17th when working on my broken tooth. You worked tirelessly to be sure you had just the right form to send to the folks who make the Crowns for your dental practice. I was so impressed with you and your wonderful staff. You are all so professional yet friendly, and certainly know how to make your patients feel at ease.
Admittedly, I was anticipating a great deal of pain but I’m pleased to report, the entire procedure was virtually pain free. Bless you for that!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you hold dear.

Isabella M.

The words Thank you just do not seem like enough for your care and understanding, I know I can trust you and I am in good hands, I am sure after a couple of visits I will be better each time . Thanks again.

Janet N.

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Smirnova for several years. We have nothing but praise for her expertise, friendliness and warm spirit. We also want to thank her receptionist, Carla and all the assistants and hygienists who have shown the utmost professionalism and warmth while managing our dental care. Of all the dental offices we have used over the course of our life, Dr. Smirnova’s is unquestionably in a celestial league.


Incredibly Caring, Effective and Efficient. Many people are scared of all dental procedures, but I’m absolutely terrified. Although I’m an absolute coward, Dr. Smirnova, Carla and all the other staff have been consistently patient, kind, understanding and gentle without exception. I’ve had extensive dental work done by Dr. Smirnova, who is meticulous in her approach and treatment. She always discusses with me the options for treatment and the expected results of each, and together we make the decision as to what is the best course of action. I continue to recommend her services to any person looking for the perfect dentist. Carla has been a source of optimism and encouragement and she, too, has the patience of a saint! These professionals are the best, and I’m grateful that they’ve allowed me to be their patient all these years. Love them.

Kathy O.

Dr. Smirnova has been highly recommended to me by friend. He had a very painful molar tooth. He went to two dentists, who couldn’t find the problem and just told him to pull the tooth out. Finally he went to Dr Smirnova. She immediately identified that his tooth had a hair thin crack. She fixed the problem and also put a crown to protect it. Ten years later his tooth is still fine. She is treating all my family for 15 years. My nieces stopped love her because she is ‘no pain’ doctor. She also has done some beautiful cosmetic work on my and my sister’s teeth. She and her office, including her office receptionist Carla and hygienist Lorell are simply THE BEST!

Michelle P.

Wonderful work! Absolutely painless root canal. I can’t begin to say how great it is to have my tooth back! Can’t wait to have the rest repaired. Many thanks Doc!

Dan Scheetz

My wife and I have been her patients for many years and she has taken excellent care of our dental needs. We both look forward to each dental appointment as the staff are like family! We love them all!

Mario Filippi

I came to Dr. Smirnova when she first opened her practice in Flemington about fifteen years ago with a mouthful of problems. I had been  receiving regular dental care most of my life, but my family has a history of losing teeth at an early age. I was on a path to follow in their footsteps until I started going to Dr. Smirnova. She is by far and away the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I’m about to turn 60 and no one in my family has any teeth at all at this age. But thanks to Dr. Smirnonva except for my wisdom teeth I haven’t lost a single tooth! Sure, some of them are capped, but her cosmetic skills are so good that even I can’t tell which ones they are.

Jerry from Flemington

“Dr. Smirnova, Everything was perfect!  Thank you for being a very responsible professional person. I’m very happy that you are my dentist. I appreciate your high standards.”

Lloyd Newbaker

“Dr. Smirnova, I told Carla over the phone, what a great job you and your assistant did on my teeth. Thanks.”

Ronald Dietrich

Dear Dr. Smirnova, Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated you making me new false teeth.  I am eating and talking very well. You really did a nice job. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Regards, Janet Baker

“Dear Dr. Smirnova, I am so happy to meet you as our family dentist. I admire the way you work and care about Patients.  Thank you for everything. God Bless You.  Sincerely,”

Helen Cho

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